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termékeinkTo manufacture kiln furniture is the profile of our Company. The main products are as follows:

Our products represent the high standard in the codierite bonded mullite kiln furniture supply. Developing our constructions, we incorporate the well-approved design with the customer-specific demands.

All the products are manufactured with strict tolerance and controlled with technique agreed with the Customer.

H-tok/H-kazetta H-setters

Our H-setters are aids of high accuracy and long durability to the up-to-date, automated roofing tile manufacturing. By developing a new design we pay a great attention to the Customer's demands, the conditions of application, together with cost-efficiency and the esthetical appearance.

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U-tok/U-kazetta U-setters

Our heavy-duty products are outstanding with their good temperature and thermal shock resistance in every application.

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furatos lapPerforated slabs

The perforated cordierite slab product group is marked with a continuously widening selection. Its advantages are the large loading surface, low weight, excellent thermal shock resistance and the good ventilation.

Other Products (supports, beams, inserts)

These other products (supports, beams, inserts) serve to widen the application potentials of other kiln furniture used in practice. They are capable to complete them and to reflect to special application conditions.

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